Made of “E" and"AR" Glass Yarn. It is used as a reinforcing material for many polymer products. The resulting composite material, properly known as Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP)or called Fiberglass in popular name.

We also produced AR Glass Mesh (Alkaline Resistant Glass Mesh), which have been special developed as a reinforcement for cement-based products. Due to their High Zirconium Dioxide content and engineered “size” coating, they offer good resistance to alkaline attack in all cements. Our AR Glass Mesh supply under Cem-Fil® brand in Japan.

In general, woven glass fabric have the following properties ;

- High Tensile Strength : Glass fiberis one of the strongest textile fibers, having greater tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter at a lower weight.
- Dimensional Stability : Low elongation under load, generally 3% or less. Produce with excellent dimensional stability which will not vary with changes in atmospheric conditions.
- High Heat Resistance : Glass Fabric have excellent heat resistance at relatively low cost. They retain approximately 50% of room temperature tensile strength at 700° F (371° C), 25% at 900° F (482° C),with a softening point of 1555° F (846° C) and a melting point of 2075° F (1121° C).
- Fire Resistance : Composed of inorganic materials, glass fabric are noncombustible, a nature choice where flammability is of concern.
- Good Thermal Conductivity : The rapid heat dissipation is particularly important in electrical insulation applications.
- Good Chemical Resistance : Like glass itself, they are highly resistant to attack by most chemicals.
- Outstanding Electrical Properties : Glass fabric withstand high temperature and have low moisture regain. Along with its high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant, glass is of major importance and usefulness in the electrical industry.
- Durability : Being inert, glass fabric are unaffected by sunlight, fungus or bacteria.
- Economical : Glass fabric are lower cost of manufacturing than many other fabric of similar applications.
ASIA KANGNAM CO.,LTD. Manufacturer and Distributor of Glass Fabric, Carbon Fabric, Aramid Fabric, Silica Fabric and related fiber glass products
in Thailand. AK was established in 1993 with the experience, knowledge and technology. AK has been a strong material
supplier to several industries such as Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Thermal and Sound Insulation, Military, Construction,
Aeronautic, Recreational Sport and various Household products.